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Firmitas Folding Screen

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This folding panel raises the standards of appliqué decoration with its unique theme and detailed depiction of the characters, becoming the epitome of the values to which Firmitas collection is dedicated: courage and inner strength.
Its delicate and intricate work, accentuated by the colours chosen, unfolds the metamorphosis of Philomela and Procne into a swallow (left and right panel) and nightingale (central panel).
The bronze colour, used to portrait both the women and the birds, serves as a mental eutectic material, connecting the two phases (before and after the metamorphosis) whilst the vivid colours of the trees and flowers contrast the surreal transformation phases.
The sentence: “…and if I am imprisoned in solitude, my voice will have echoes in the wood and move the discerning rocks” announces the dramatic echo of courage and inner strength for which hundreds pieces of hand designed, hand-cut and hand-painted leather elements were sewn together for this art project.
If you want your version of the story depicted on a folding panel, do contact us.

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210 X 180 cm


Cowhide, suede, nappa, velvet


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