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Having grown up in Italy, Sara and Melissa met and became friends while studying Fashion and Costume at the International Academy of Couture and Costume Art of Koefia, Rome.

After graduating, they each followed their own paths, gaining a variety of expertise in different sectors of design and high fashion while working as designers of clothing, leather goods, accessories, textiles and interiors, both at home in Italy and in the UK.

After ten years they reunited over a shared desire to create a brand that could express their unique personal styles and their love and passion for the artistic and artisanal world they’d each grown up in and, in 2015, they made a decision to pursue this vision and founded Icastica Studio in London.

Intimately intertwined with the traditions of Italian artisan excellence, each handmade product is the result of hours of experimentation with various techniques focusing on manipulation of the leather.

Icastica Studio follows a constantly evolving creative process, generating a collaborative and open design environment that affords each party freedom to experiment.

Key to the studio’s collaborative approach is the coming together of each designer’s different personalities. The eclectic and figurative style of Sara and the minimal and graphic vision of Melissa combine to create unique luxury pieces that express their own creative vision and reflect their deep love for craftsmanship and design.